The purpose of this questionnaire is to get feedback from you about what topic(s) you would like to see at our half day Carpentry Con workshop, "Next Steps with R".

Thank you for your input. We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!
What is your current position? *

What is your domain of research? *

Will you be attending CarpentryCon2018 in Dublin, Ireland?

Are you familiar with most of the concepts taught in the Software Carpentry lesson 'R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis' and/or the Data Carpentry Ecology lesson 'Data Analysis and Visualization in R'? *

What is your most common application of R?

What problems would you like to be able to solve with R?

Which of the following topics would you be MOST interested in learning about? (Select One) *

Which of the following topics would you also be interested in learning about? (Select All That Apply) *

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